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I’m someone who is guided by the senses—by sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. That affinity is reflected in my personal life, from the way I decorate my house, to the flowers I grow in my garden, to the food I serve my family and friends. And it strongly influences my work process as well.

When I consider a new design or product, I try to open myself up to possibilities. It might be a scrap of fabric or a delicate fragrance that inspires me, a brilliant array of colored leaves or a lyrical piece of music that influences me. I assemble an idea wall and then begin the orchestration process—adding, subtracting, and overlapping elements, changing colors, looking at things from different angles and at different times of the day. Along the way, I ask myself: What do these colors and textures say? What emotion does this scent conjure up? Have I achieved harmony in form and proportion?

It’s a challenging but ultimately rewarding way to work, because each new product speaks to me directly, tapping into a deep affinity and personal connection. And each time I complete the process, I’m eager to begin again, to discover what will inspire me next and lead to more exciting new products for Michel Design Works.

Best wishes,
Deborah Michel

Nest & Eggs Collection

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Michel Design Works displays our products at all major gift shows in the U.S., and in Toronto, Canada. Stop by and see all of our stunning new designs and exciting new products... you can touch the fabrics and smell the luscious scents of our candles and bath and body products. Use the extensive knowledge of our sales team to discover best sellers, merchandising tips, and to determine what will sell best in your own store. And don't forget to take advantage of our show specials. We hope to see you soon!

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Mix and Match

At Michel Design Works, one of our guiding principles is to create designs and products that mix and match, that complement and enhance each other in store displays and in the home. For fall and winter, Pumpkin Melody is a perfect companion for Trick or Treat, and Christmas Day is gorgeous when paired with Spruce. You can make beautiful combinations all year long. Try showing our Lemon Basil collection interspersed with Tuscan Grove and Campagna, and be transported to the Italian countryside with an array of glorious sights and scents including citrus, olive and herb and garden greenery. Bellissimo! Then do some of your own mix-and-matchmaking. The possibilities are endless.